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Fuel Analysing

Fuel Master Online (FMO) is a web enabled fuel consumption data management system employing the latest technology which is reinforced by a team of top industry experts, lead by fuel efficiency specialist Dr Michael Coyle. FMO is a highly effective and easy to use management tool which enables businesses to improve their fuel efficiency through superior data management.

FMO is unique in that it can transform poor quality data into highly accurate information which is essential to all vehicle operators if they are to improve their fuel efficiency. Indeed, producing highly accurate fuel consumption data is the first fuel efficiency intervention.

Raw data can be sourced from any number of formats and turned into relevant information including MPG, L/100 km, CO2 emissions and cost per mile or cost per kilometre or any other metric desired by customers.

Its drill down facility allows management to go from overall fleet performance to that of an individual vehicle or driver.

This service is available in United Kingdom

You can find out more here http://www.2fmo.com

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