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Sea Vision UK

From shipping to subsea technology, defence to commercial fishing, ports to aquaculture, maritime legal & financial services to leisure - Sea Vision UK brings the whole maritime sector together.

The campaign is working with over 200 partner organisations to achieve common objectives:
to raise the profile and perception of the maritime sector amongst the general public general, and

to raise the awareness of the diverse range of careers available within the maritime sector
The sea and the maritime sector are vital - research shows that the UK has the largest maritime cluster in Europe employing over a quarter of a million people and generating a turnover of £37 billion. These figures are phenomenal, particularly as they overshadow other UK sectors such as aerospace and agriculture.

Sea Vision is a strategic partner in the SeaBritain 2005 campaign and will be taking some of its legacy forward.

The Sea Vision momentum is ever growing, so become involved and sign up as a partner today - there is no charge

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