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Below are services offered by Yangzhou Super Rope Cable Co.,Ltd :

sythetic rope for winch

Material : UNMWPE
Strands:4,6,8,12,16 strand
diameter:1mm to 40mm
Breaking strength from 1KN to 778KN
Color: blue,yellow,red,black,green,grey etc.
Length: 10m,20m,30m,50m as per customer's request
Elongation: 4%
Shape: round or flat
Advantage: 14% of the wire rope weight with the same MBL
Workable below: -20°c
Structure: 12 strand
Melting point: 150°c


1. Light weight

2. Abrasion-resistant

3. corrosion resistant

4. UV resistant,low elongation,not easy to tangle,and super breaking strength

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marine rope

There are serial products including varieties of polyamide staple stale yarn, polypropylene filament , polypropylene , polyester , polypropylenr/polyester blend etc.
All products have wide range of application as well as advantages of high strength , low elongation wearing resistance and anti-corrosion
They are soft and smooth and easy for operation .
It is mainly used for the ship’s mooring , towing , marine fishing , marine aquaculture ,port terminals , national defense , mine traction ,etc.

You can find out more here http://http:www.superope.com