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AddTransit Services

Below are services offered by AddTransit:

Vehicle Tracking

Using modern GPS tracking the AddTransit Vehicle Tracking software allows you and your passengers to know where vehicles are at all times.

Reduce calls to your call center, as customers are able to watch on their smartphone the vehicles approaching.

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GTFS Editor / GTFS Builder

Create and maintain GTFS (General Transit Feed Specification) data using AddTransit's GTFS Editor / GTFS Builder.

Enter your route, stop, schedule information, edit it as required and produce GTFS data feeds using the online editor.

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Keep customers informed with Online Status updates using the AddTransit and GTFS-Realtime. Create status updates for passengers about delays, alterations and additional services. Highlight changes to stops, routes, trips or even network wide issues.

Ideal for transit companies that suffer from outages due to snow, heat, industrial action or aging infrastructure.

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