Astra SB Beograd

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Astra SB Beograd Services

Below are services offered by Astra SB Beograd:

International standard and abnormal loads transport

We are a company from Serbia which provide specialised transports permits and escort services for special heavy and oversize abnormal transports for Serbia as well as in the region Kosovo Macedonia Bosnia Herzegovina Montenegro. Route inspections, all kind of permits, annual permits, allowance and police escorts are responsibilities of our team with years of experience. We also provide the following services: Planning and organizing special heavy, long, wide, high, oversize and overweight abnormal international transports, bred last, and other types of transports with our own vehicles to and thru Serbia. Provision of technical pilot escort, police escort, and, if necessary, armed escort for special transport purposes. Provision of heavy mobile cranes for handling processes of load transferring, loading / unloading of goods, and also we can provide yacht and boat transfer and agricultural machinery like harvester transports, and even large format of flat float glass transports as well .