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Aberdeen Harbour

Aberdeen Harbour is a world class port annually handling around 4 million tonnes of cargo, valued at approximately £1.5 billion, for a wide range of industries.

With versatile facilities, competitive charges and diversity of traffic, it serves Scotland's third city and an extensive hinterland. Centre of activity for the offshore oil and gas industry's marine support operations in North-west Europe.

Principal commercial port in Northern Scotland
An international port for general cargo, roll-on/roll-off and container traffic
Principal mainland port for freight, passenger, vehicle and livestock services to Orkney and Shetland
A major centre for forest product imports and finished paper exports
A gateway for agricultural products and supplies
An important fishing port, serving a local processing industry
A marshalling point for exports of oilfield equipment
A port of call for cruise ships
One of the busiest Trust Ports in Britain

This service is available in Aberdeenshire (United Kingdom)

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  • Aberdeenshire