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Spectrum Logistics Services

Below are services offered by Spectrum Logistics:

Global Services and Domestic Transportation Services

Looking for a global transportation service provider? Spectrum Logistics is a US-based 3rd party logistics provider that offers high quality international logistics solutions to the customers.
Among International transport companies, we have been able to nurture a strong reputation for our business by offering high quality international logistic solutions. The forte of our global transportation service lies in handling transport carrier services and Truck Load Services. We have made a unique place in the logistics arena among oversized transportation companies.
Spectrum Logistics, LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sea Star Line with headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida. Spectrum Logistics is a premier North American provider of integrated logistics and supply chain solutions. In order to better serve customer supply chain needs, we offer a wide array of services including international, domestic, specialized, warehousing, and trucking. Spectrum Logistics leverages knowledge and resources to provide dependability in an unpredictable world.

This service is available in Florida (United States)

You can find out more here http://www.spectrumlogistics.us

Spectrum Logistics Regions

Below are the regions in which Spectrum Logistics are located or operate:

  • Florida