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Port of Liverpool

Five years ago the Port of Liverpool was ranked fourth among UK container ports serving the busy North Atlantic route. Today, it handles more container trade with the United States of America and Canada than any other port in the land. Other developments in the global container market have opened up a whole range of new routes for shippers moving their goods through the Seaforth Terminal, adding further benefits to a facility already acknowledged as Britain's most efficient container gateway.

Liverpool's success has been achieved by a combination of contemporary initiative and established fact, which has put the Port in a win-win position.

The Mersey Docks and Harbour Company's decision to look at developing a river container terminal capable of handling the new generation of larger post Panamax vessels reflects the new dawn Liverpool is facing. Other elements of the Port's diverse range of cargoes have added further optimism to the Port's prospects with new trades and rising volumes which totalled a record 32,226,000 tonnes in 2004.

But an increasingly significant influence upon Liverpool's success is the Port's geographic location as the gateway to the second richest cargo hinterland in the country and its ease of access by road and rail.

This service is available in Merseyside (United Kingdom)

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