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MapMechanics Services

Below are services offered by MapMechanics:

TruckStops VRS

Truckstops routing & scheduling system efficiently allocates workloads to vehicles and sequences the stops to minimise cost without violating any user-configured limitations. Example scenarios include:

- single depot
- multi-depot
- multi-drop
- empty-fill logic
- home delivery
- visit once and never again
- regular calls

MapMechanics are the sole UK and European distributor of TruckStops, a routing & scheduling system used all over the world; for collecting and/or delivering milk, food, school books, medical products, vermin eradicators, gas, bailiffs, bottled water, plants, laundry, beer, soft drinks, agricultural products, building materials, office products, curtains, chemicals, exhaust systems and many more.

This service is available in United Kingdom

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MapMechanics Regions

Below are the regions in which MapMechanics are located or operate: