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E-Books for Transporters - Transport & Logistic Glossary

Transport & Logistic Glossary - A Glossary of a Supply Chain Terminology, all Transportations type, Logistics, Warehousing, Manufacturing, Purchasing, and More! (E-Book)
by Sorin Maier (Author)

E-Book Details
* E-Book: 921 pages (PDF-Files Downloaded)
* Publisher: Athos; 1st edition (September 2009)
* Language: English
* ISBN-13: 978-973-0-07014-9
* Product Dimensions: 29.7 x 21.1 x 5.5 cm
* Internet download file size: 5367 kb
* Weight: 1500 gr (PapperBack from 2nd Edition)
Transport & Logistic Glossary website :

Transport & Logistic Glossary record as it appears in the TRIS Database ( the Transportation Research Information Services

I made the Transport & Logistic Glossary aprox. 33.000 terms, as author with this fund, contributions and sponsorship I intend to build a libraries for transporters and students.

Transport & Logistic Glossary creates highly targeted content geared to globally fleet owners and transport owner operator associations which have a different products, career opportunities and marketing strategies in the
same industries as is all type of transportation.

E-Book Description

The Transport & Logistic Glossary is a glossary of transportation, rail, shipping, aero, road, intermodal, containers, fleet management, warehousing, materials handling, hazardous materials, related manufacturing and supply chain management professional, global logistics from raw materials through production to the customer, international trade terms and definitions and standardized international terms of purchase / sale.

The Transport & Logistic Glossary is a research types of professional industry experts material which are in the public domain included here for educational and course pack purposes for worldwide transport & logistics associations / organizations The Transport & Logistic Glossary includes all terminology, acronyms and terms used by experienced and professionals that are involved in supply chain management professional, logistics, warehousing, all transportation type, rail, shipping, aero, road and manufacturing,

The Transport & Logistic Glossary help power global operations that is a integrated tool with key logistics and compliance processes for successful companies in the world in the science of planning, organizing and managing
activities that provide goods or services.

The Transport & Logistic Glossary contain, classify and compare 33.000 acronyms and terms with alternative is an invaluable tool to make better trade strategy decisions, faster, allow logistics providers to manage the spiraling costs associated with shipping by sea and airfreight.

*Transport, Vehicle & Logistic History*, is currently working on, by the copyright holder and i search know of any resources that might be helpful.
*Transport, Vehicle & Logistic History* as a well-researched work will be the most inclusive, complete transport vehicle & logistic history e-book from antiquity to the modern civilization and today and tomorow trends and projects from this industry by its historic overview of transportation & logistics. Please transmite your point of view about this e-book if your be pleased to send the history data and photos from your corporate as manufacturer about all products vehicle in order by date and a small contribution if you agree so.

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