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Shanthi International Services

Below are services offered by Shanthi International:

Cargo tanks - Manufacturer and Exporter

Presently we have ready stock of following Cargo Tanks, if you have any
requirement, please inform us.

Ammonia, Anhydrous Butadiene2, Butane /Propane Mixture, Butylenes, Propane,
(Material of Construction: Carbon-manganese steel, fully killed and fine
grain treated - MARVS 0,25 bar)
For All tanks:
Minimum temp -51 deg.celsius
Maximum pressure 0,25 bar
Maximum density 690 kg/m3 at 98% filling
Valume capacity 4985 cum3/tank
Dimension Length 71 ft, breath 58ft, Height 38ft. (+/- 5ft)

This service is available in India

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Shanthi International Regions

Below are the regions in which Shanthi International are located or operate: