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Highland Trucking Company, Inc

Highland Trucking Company is your freight company. We have been providing freight forwarding services since 1984. We believe in alleviating empty backhaul, creating more attractive rates and delivery for you.

Transportation brokers and freight forwarders match loads with trucks, while also coordinating the additional dimensions of time and geography. They search for and negotiate with trucking companies to get your goods to market inexpensively and quickly. Everyone wants to market and deliver their goods and services more efficiently and Highland Trucking Company can help companies and carriers do that.

Transportation Brokers improve the efficiency of the transportation system by helping carriers find freight and shippers find transportation. Call us today and let us provide you with a free rate quote for all of your transportation service needs: 800-359-6005

This service is available in United States

You can find out more here http://www.highland-trucking.com/index.html

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