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Driver Time Solutions Limited - Driver hour Guard - CE02-DHG

The Driver Hour Guard-CE02-DHG is designed to keep the LGV driver legal within the complicated European Drivers Hours Legislation and the Work Time Directive.

By Storing all the drivers’ tasks, throughout his day, the DHG will in effect act as a digital timesheet. The driver simply presses the buttons for each mode, the same as his tachograph requirements.
At the end of each week he simply connects his DHG to his computer via the supplied USB lead and the stored data will be downloaded in a csv file format for use in almost all types of spreadsheet software. Thereby allowing the employer/employee to see the actual breakdown of the driver’s working week, the information given consists of:

1)Weekly rest taken between last week and the current week
2)Total drive time for each day
3)Total other work time recorded each day
4)Total periods of availability for each day
5)Total daily breaks and daily rest taken each day

This service is available in United Kingdom

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