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AMCO Ltd Services

Below are services offered by AMCO Ltd:

AMCO Ltd - Manufacturer of Road Transportation Systems

Company Introduction:

The applied engineering know-how which Amco Ltd has acquired and kept up to date through its extensive consulting activities is utilized for the benefit of users in the design of products for maximum practical utility and ease of maneuverability. Since 1977, Amco Ltd. has earned a wide reputation through the high technological standard of its products and their outstanding quality.

Throughout the years, Amco Ltd. was able to gather a large variety of products that made it useful for transportation and construction companies.

These products include:
• Advertisement Panels: Mainly used by advertisement companies to display products on road sides.
• Ambulances: Used by hospitals
• Beverage Carriers: Used mainly by soft drink companies.
• Boat Semi-Trailers: Used by owners to transport their boats.
• Bumpers: Rear and front defenses for your vehicles.
• Car Transporters: for automobile manufacturers and rental companies that would like to transport cars.
• Cement Carriers: Used to transport crude cement.
• Concrete Mixers: Transporting ready mixed concrete to building sites.
• Concrete Pumps: Used to pump ready mixed concrete to elevated floors on buildings.
• Container Carriers: Light structure mainly for transportation companies.
• Container Loaders: Self loading trailer for standard containers.
• Cranes: To easily transport loads.
• Elevating Platforms: Mainly to elevate loads on planes and high structures.
• Flat Beds and Cargo Bodies: Used by construction, transportation and marketing companies.
• Fire Fighting Vehicles: Used to fight fire in and outside cities.
• Floating Platforms: To float equipments (dredgers, cranes, …) in ports and bays.
• Garbage Compactors: for municipalities to transport trashes.
• Hook Lifts: for companies that need to deposit containers on ground when transporting others.
• Infantry Vehicles: To transport personnel, for military use.
• Log Vehicles: Mainly to transport trees and poles.
• Low Bed Semi-Trailers: Mainly specialized to carry heavy load machinery for military organizations and construction companies.
• Man Lifters: Used to lift man on poles to fix lamps and electricity, mainly for municipalities.
• Mobile Shelters: Mainly for telecommunication companies and individuals.
• Money Transporters: Used to transport money and valuables from banks and safes.
• Parapets: used by municipalities to make roads safer.
• Plane Stairs: Used by airports to direct travelers from ground floor into planes.
• Plane Tunnels: Used by airports to direct travelers from first terminal floor into planes.
• Poles: for lighting and electrical setups.
• Prisoners Vehicles: used by the police.
• Refrigerated Vehicles: Used by supermarkets and the food industry to transport fresh or frozen products.
• Roll Semi-Trailers: Only used in ports to transport containers.
• Rolls Transporters: Used by electrical plants and metal factories to lay cables or transport rolled metal sheets.
• Silos: Used by cement companies and others to store products in grain state.
• Skip Loaders: special to municipalities that leave on the roads large garbage collectors.
• Stage Vehicles: Specially designed to be deployed in arenas for live musical concerts for example.
• Tankers: To transport all kinds of liquids and gases.
• Tents: Large shelters easy to deploy.
• Tipping bodies: From small pick ups to six wheelers and trailers, to easily dump loads.
• Vacuum Tankers: Used by municipalities to empty underground basins.
• Yard Semi-Trailers: Mainly used in closed areas to transport standard containers.

Any other design is likely to be manufactured after a detailed analysis and verification.

This service is available in Lebanon

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