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Davies Battersby Solicitors

The winning reputation Davies Battersby have carved for themselves in the area of shipping law is now being applied with the same success and precision to the broader arena of the regulatory commercial environment and transport law be it by sea, air, road, river, or with no connection to transport at all.

The Davies Battersby approach is one of tenacity, and determination with a highly responsive, personal, and hands-on approach from partners Patrick Battersby and Guy Davies. The firm handles all aspects of the law relating to transport and commercial enterprise including RHA road transport, CMR, bills of lading, insurance, commercial arbitration and High Court.

Davies Battersby work hard to resolve clients commercial issues, recover clients’ money, and gain a commercial advantage, conducting themselves in a straightforward and efficient manner that keeps you well informed, not confused.

Both have their own clients and individual strengths, but their combined experience is what is often crucial to the successful completion of a case.

Our 24 hour mobile number is 07785 737 636

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