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Diamond Logistics Inc

About Us
Our Mission Statement: To be the premier single source of logistical solutions for our customers through a partnership that provides the most efficient and cost effective transportation services available.
Who Is Diamond Logistics, Inc.

As a provider of transportation services we know that Service is the key to our success. Pooling more than 60 years of sales and operational experience in the transportation industry we can tailor Services to meet your specific needs. Backing this up with first class Customer Service and “cutting edge technology” we will provide you with headache free traffic management and save you money while we do it. We have rapidly developed a reputation for providing innovative logistical solutions customized to our clients’ needs and now we would like to add you to that list.

What Diamond Logistics, Inc. Does

As a third party logistics company, Diamond Logistics offers a full range of quality customized global transportation, logistics and “Retail Supply Chain Management” solutions which will afford our customers a distinct competitive advantage. As a non asset based logistics provider we have the independence to make selections based on your needs alone.

Our strong relationships forged with a broad base of LTL, TL, rail, ocean and air carriers create more options allowing greater efficiency to maximize service. Competitive pricing agreements with these providers based on our increased buying power result in direct savings to our customers.

Our assumption of many administrative tasks will free man-hours for other productive purposes. Scheduling, creating bills of lading, handling claims and exceptions and freight bill auditing will result in considerable savings to your company.

This service is available in New Jersey (United States)

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