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Below are services offered by Calsoft:

Online Bunkering Information System (OBIS)

BOMS (Bunker Oil and Management System) is an end-to-end bunkering system for bunker suppliers, traders and brokers. It helps streamline the entire bunkering process from fuel purchase to sales, operations, inventory, claims and accounting. It automates and improves the entire bunkering process through better inter-department communication, automated workflow and access to information.

Bunker Procurement – Enables faster order capture, track order cycle from inquiry capture till stemming, monitor customer credit limit, etc.
Operations – Tracks vessel ETA, order scheduling, supports back-to-back sales, etc.
Claims - Helps track the entire activities and documents involved in the various claims – quality / quantity / demurrage.
Inventory - track inward / outward fuel movement, recost inventory based on weighted average / LIFO / FIFO methods.
Accounting - Handles all aspects of invoicing, vouchering, cash payment, receipt and integrate with third party General Ledger packages.
Trading and Risk Management - Enables deal capture of all types (spot deal, term contract, futures, swaps, options), Contract generation, Monitoring volumetric / financial exposures, profit / loss, etc.
Reporting - Extensive Reporting capability in each of the modules catering to various levels of the management.

This service is available in India

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