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BNSF Logistics Services

Below are services offered by BNSF Logistics:

BNSF Logistics

BNSF Logistics offers logistics and transportation services that range from a single-shipment transaction to comprehensive network analysis, redesign, and ongoing daily management. Four specific areas of service are offered: Modal Solutions, Transportation Execution Services (TES), Supply Chain Services (SCS), and Consulting Services (CS).
Transportation Execution
Transportation Execution Services (TES) provides customers with carrier capacity at competitive rates when it is needed most. Whether a client experiences a sudden surge in production or the client's primary carriers fail to supply the necessary capacity, or if the client is searching for a primary provider that will provide continual capacity, a simple solution is to rely upon the Transportation Execution Services (TES) group from BNSF Logistics. Regardless of the size of the shipment or the size of the client's operation, access to a dependable and responsive transportation provider is a must. TES can help whether the client's capacity needs are for a random shipment or for multiple shipments on a continuous basis.

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Supply Chain Services
Through the Supply Chain Services (SCS) group, BNSF Logistics offers comprehensive supply chain outsourcing services, ultimately allowing shippers to focus their resources toward their individual core competencies. BNSF Logistics utilizes a variety of supply-chain technology applications combined with operations experts to provide customers with unique, value-added, ongoing solutions to logistics problems. A typical engagement between the customer and Supply Chain Services involves a long-term contractual relationship and has a high degree of focus on Transportation Management System (TMS) technology. The solutions are broad, highly customizable and flexible based upon the specific needs of individual customers.

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The BNSF Logistics Consulting Services (CS) group helps clients create winning supply chain strategies that support the customer's business approach and design objectives. The CS team uses supply chain optimization technology from i2 Technologies, including Supply Chain Strategist and Transportation Modeler. Other supply chain applications are used to perform private fleet optimization and site rationalization studies. Utilizing the CS group provides customers with access to these technologies and to individuals who have expertise in applying the technologies at a fraction of the cost it would take to purchase the tools and develop internal expert users.

This service is available in New Jersey (United States)

BNSF Logistics Regions

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