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MartinAire Partners, L.P

Founded in 1978, Martinaire is a Dallas, Texas based FAR Part 135 air cargo carrier. Martinaire offers scheduled and on-demand express air freight transportation service utilizing a fleet of 34 Cessna 208B (Caravan) aircraft.

The majority of Martinaire’s operations are scheduled overnight feeder service flights for the worlds largest freight carriers in support of their overnight air cargo operations. They depend on us every business day to provide fast, reliable, time definite delivery of their documents and freight shipments to over 50 cities throughout the United States.

Martinaire is one of the original overnight express “feeder” carriers and has maintained scheduled route service since 1987. Martinaire has achieved within one-minute on-time performance reliability on scheduled service of over 99.7% from 2002 through 2006.

Looking to expand operations, in April 2004, Martinaire and Mid-Atlantic Freight, another original airline in the overnight feeder cargo business, joined their cargo operations and formed Martinaire Partners, L.P.

This service is available in Texas (United States)

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  • Texas