What you should know before flying private

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Monday January 19 2015 10:30 AM
Published by Chapman Freeborn.

You may think flying private is a luxurious and sought-after experience, reserved only for the likes of rock stars and billionaires living the high life, (literally). However, travelling in luxury is actually more accessible than you might think. There’s more to take on-board than the price tag for top class luxury - but it’s not without its rules and regulations. Who would pass up a chance for five star luxury? You won’t find suspicious looking meals or restrictive leg space once you make the change from large jets to private charters.

Convenience and efficiency
Yes, private flying is the epitome of luxury, class and style travel-wise, however the benefits exceed the comfy leather recliners. The real advantages of going private are the high levels of service you’ll get from start to finish. The convenience of a smaller charter means less passengers. Without sounding antisocial, this will make your trip smoother; the waiting for luggage around a crowded conveyor belt is non-existent and efficiency is paramount. The lack of people traffic found at larger commercial airports will cut your travel time down significantly. All those little factors that waste so much of your valuable time throughout the whole flying process are drastically decreased.
Security and privacy
Security remains thorough, but you’ll save time with slick boarding and no nerve-racking plane connections to run for. In fact, it will be very likely you know everyone on-board, resulting in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Flying on commercial charters is a case of getting you from A to B in a vaguely comfortable manner, excluding invasions of personal space and a dodgy coffee, but your options with private travel expand dramatically. 41,000 feet might be the perfect location for your important meeting, or simply give you a quiet escape from the world below. Even your food is delicious and timely, having been pre-selected by you beforehand.
Flexibility and relaxation
With such a high level of convenience, you receive an equally high level of flexibility. Running late? No problem - with private flying, your crew will be waiting for you, no matter what, giving you ultimate peace of mind.
It isn’t just the lateness that will put you at ease. If you’re in the sort of fast-paced business that requires transport now rather than later, you can book a private jet at short notice (often within a few hours) especially at Chapman Freeborn and have that flexibility to adapt your travel plans at the last minute.
No chaotic process from start to finish, just smooth sailing, or flying should we say. 

Private Jet To-Do Guide
Whilst flying private offers you more than just luxury, here are a few tips you should take on-board when you opt for a private jet charter:
  • Finding the right pilot; whilst major airlines have many pilots (and stand-ins) in place, private jets have special requirements. Remaining loyal to a company to sort this out for you allows you peace of mind. They do all the hard work whilst you can sit back and relax. 
  • The world is your oyster; Not only do you have the ability to be late and hold your meetings on-board, but with a private jet, you can stop at any convenient point for a spot of shopping, dinner or even a sports game and even pick up additional passengers too. 
  • Your flight may be longer due to alternative routes and varying runways to the usual air charter but you have the convenience and a life of luxury ahead of you that you won’t even notice the slight time difference. Many private jets depart and land at a variety of smaller, and therefore more difficult, locations. It’s easy to check beforehand if you require a particularly rapid service. 
  • What about appliances? No ‘Airplane Mode’ needed on a private jet. Yes, that’s right. You can use your mobile. In terms of any other electrical appliances, you can enjoy the latest films, music and speedy Wi-Fi, although do double check what each individual aircraft allows. 
  • Weight limitations; whilst certain aircrafts can hold much weight (after all, music artists with amps and their crew need to fly), there may be more limitations than on a usual aircraft. Please get in touch with the jet service to clarify weight and space restrictions so you can make the most out of your trip. 
  • Possible turbulence; a smaller plane can be more susceptible to air turbulence. This is absolutely normal and no cause for alarm. Just a heads-up for those private jet shoppers out there.
  • Liquids are good to go. Unlike the many restrictions you’ll encounter on-board your average charter, private jets give you the freedom to travel with nearly everything you please. Yes, there is the odd weight restriction (although not as severe as you may think) you can take on perfume and a range of drinks. No pricey (Can we think of another way of saying this/ another advantage, as I don’t think it would matter to these customers if it was pricey? Maybe hassle free/ highlight they can bring their own personal things rather than having to shop) Duty Free shopping needed here. 
  • Relax! You’re in safe hands when you fly private due to strict safety regulations combined with the ultimate levels of comfort. All you need to do is sit back in that leather recliner and enjoy the flight. 

Whilst a private charter is smaller than the average, services follow all the same regulations as scheduled airlines services. Each plane goes through a strict procedure in order to obtain an Air Operator Certificate (AOC). This includes crew training, aircraft maintenance, flight and fuel planning as well as company safety policy audits. Once you go private, scheduled airlines will be a thing of the past.

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